Eight year-old Darnell was just like any kid. That is, just like any kid who inherited an ancestor's werewolf gene and the allergic sneezing fit that turns him into the wildest looking orange creature with tremendous super powers, a voracious appetite and a mouth so BIG that it could chomp a garbage truck in half! Yeah, there ain't nobody like BIG MOUTH!

It's an endless adventure of scary mysteries full of ghoulishness and gags as Big Mouth and his buddies face the riotous dangers and hilarity of the creatures born from "urban legends and tall tales"…. All in creepy setting that'll give your goosebumps the shivers!

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It's flat out tire smoking, engine roaring, pedal-to-the-metal excitement as four of the youngest, hottest, hippest, fun-lovingest race car drivers on the pro circuit and their wild looking 200 mile per hour cars take us into an absolutely amazing adventure beyond our wildest imaginations!

Trey (Tailpipe) Tucker, Rick (Roadbuster) Chandler, Sylvester (Wrongway) Perinello and Corny (Fast Track) Kruger were once human. But after being attacked by a horde of huge, red-eyed, razor-toothed, raptor-clawed mutant frogs in a backwoods Louisiana bog, they soon transformed into The Super Racing Fighting Frogs! So race and fight they do against the roughest and toughest and the evilest as well, using their extraordinary frog- like superpowers, an arsenal of exotic weapons and their blazing fast and furious racecars to defeat every challenger!

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Welcome to Alcatraz High — where the students stress their 3Rs
Rappin', Ravin' and Riotin'. . . and once they get home,
practice their ABCsAssault, Battery and Car theft!

But things are a changin'. This year Alcatraz High gets a new teacher —
a sociopath as bad as these students deserve.

Tyrone Kickass is assigned to the worst class even this
school has ever seen. If anyone knows how to whip these
kids into shape, it's Kickass — an Alcatraz grad of '91.

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